Pink Taxi

Later on, he rolled out of bed while she was still enjoying their afternoon siesta, and went out to buy some food. He was soon back and saw her standing in only her bikini bottoms while he tried to put the food down without dropping anything. He stood up, drawing himself up to his full height and wondered what she was doing.

            Then the other girl from the bar in Bangkok appeared from behind the diaphanous curtains which were drawn in front of the balcony. She was in high heels and a black swimsuit which looked good on her as black clothing of any kind always does on Thai girls. She looked at him as she approached and then stopped at the side of his girl and threw her arm around her and turned her face to kiss her. Then they both looked at him, steadily, as if they were appraising him.

            He was lost. He didn’t know what to do or say. The whole fantasy of a life with his girl which he’d built up in his brain dissolved, but the girls were looking at him with smiles as if he were a child. They both beckoned him, and he walked over.

            “But,” he said. “But…” The other girl, the taller of the two, ruffled his hair, and his girl bent forwards and kissed him on the lips. “I wanted…,” he began to say. “I wanted… more.” Then they wrapped their arms around him and toppled him onto the bed.

Pink Taxi

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